Space Pet Link
Space Pet Link

Space Pet Link is a fun and creative intellectual game in which players must connect images of space animals of the same type with each other.

The game has a bright graphic interface and special images of animals in space, creating an interesting and attractive feeling for players. The goal of the game is to clear all the artifacts in each level, by connecting at least 3 images of the same type together in horizontal or vertical rows.

Players will explore through many different levels, each level has increasing difficulty. The time allotted for completing each level is limited, the player's goal is to complete the level within the allowed time. If the player cannot complete the level within the allotted time, the game will end and the player will have to start over.

In particular, Space Pet Link also provides players with support features such as suggestions when players are having difficulty connecting images, or creating explosive bombs to delete some unwanted images. .

At the end of each level, players will be scored based on completion time, the number of times they used support features and the number of times they broke the wrong links. Players can compare their scores with other players to see who is the best.

With simple yet addictive gameplay and beautiful visuals, Space Pet Link is the ideal game for entertainment and relaxation in your free time. Come join and challenge your thinking and searching abilities in outer space full of color and excitement!

Control: Space Pet Link
The game is updated to the latest.

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