Pac Xon Deluxe
Pac Xon Deluxe

Pac-Xon Deluxe is a Chomp game inspired by the arcade classic Pacman. This game is a remake of the earlier game Pac-Xon. The objective is to ‘bite off’ pieces of the board and claim them as safe territory. The player is safe as long as they remain within their own zone. When the player exits their safe zone to seize more land, however, they become vulnerable to the ghosts. The objective is to seize as big a share of the board as possible.

Do not let the monsters touch Pacxon or the wall that follows him.

Collect power-ups.

The spontaneous appearance of four power-ups in Pac Xon. The following power-ups are:


— Glowing Orb: you might take a moment because you're running away .
— Cherries: going faster .
— Peach: Ghosts moving more slow.

Control: Pac Xon Deluxe

Switch with arrow keys on your PC.
Slide your finger over the smartphone display to switch.

The game is updated to the latest.

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