Noob Super Agent vs Robots
Noob Super Agent vs Robots

Noob is a super hero? This is absurd! And yet you'll let them play against robots using weapons and explosives. It is in your power to make a Pro out of it. You will play as a brave Noob, an undercover agent who often gets into difficult situations.

Fight against your enemies and reach your goal in Noob Super Agent vs. Robots! As his name suggests, this little boy has become a super-agent, but he’s quite a noob one. In this road full of obstacles and enemies, he needs your help. Can you show him the right things to do and lead him the way?

This adventure game with pixel-art graphics will carry you to a whole new world. You will have a long journey before you. In a complex roadmap, you will choose the destinations for yourself. At each point, there will be an area that you will have chosen to fight in. These areas consist of long roads full of enemies and obstacles.

Control: Noob Super Agent vs Robots

You can use your weapons to eliminate your enemies, otherwise, they will eliminate you. So, run into the adventure and try to complete the tasks at each point!


Use the arrow keys on the keyboard or touch controls to select the level. Arrow keys to move, space bar to jump and the letter "C" to shoot. Shoot the enemies to kill them. You have to destroy the router, get dynamite and blow up the exit wall.

The game is updated to the latest.

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